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Industries and various establishments

Design, supply and installation of bespoke anti-corrosion systems for steel tanks containing water

  • Compatibility assessment of the structure, and proposal for changes to be carried out if necessary.
  • Drawing up of construction plans for the anodic structure for optimum protection, with modelling handled by our design office.
  • Installation of a PROCATH impressed current cathodic protection system specifically designed to ensure non-corrosion of the tank’s internal walls (lifetime guarantee according to our GTC).

Design, supply and installation of external cathodic protection for buried networks

We carefully assess your project to implement a cathodic protection system that is best suited to your specific structure. A preliminary diagnosis will be carried out on site. Our design office handles subsequent analysis and calculations.

We supply all the equipment and have it installedby our teams.


Diagnosis and maintenance of cathodic protection systems

Diagnosis of any cathodic protection system with analysis and checks of equipment, electrical connections and operating parameters.

A full report is drawn up at the end of the intervention.