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Swimming pools

Anti-corrosion swimming pool filters

New custom-made steel filters with diffuser plate and water collection system for granular filtration.

Reconditioning and rebuilding of existing steel filters.

Your filters are systematically equipped with PROCATH impressed current cathodic protection specifically designed to ensure non-corrosion of the internal walls (lifetime guarantee according to our GTC).

Additional equipment can be installed to improve overall operation and work safety: ladder support as well as filter monitoring and maintenance solutions, including automatic purging systems, windows with internal lighting, etc.

Contact tank for ozone treatment with anti-corrosion protection

Custom-made steel contact tank sized to expected volumes to ensure compliance with regulations regarding ozone-water contact time.

Installation of a specifically designed PROCATH impressed current cathodic protection system to ensure non-corrosion of the tank’s internal walls (lifetime guarantee according to our GTC).

Supply and loading of filter media

Supply and loading of all types of filter media into your filters:

  • Sand,
  • Recycled glass granules,
  • Hydro-anthracite,
  • Activated charcoal…

These filter media are available in various particle sizes and can be loaded in multiple layers.

Loading will be carried out either in 25kg bags or using a tanker truck

While this work is being carried out, the filter’s internal components can also be replaced (diffuser system, floor drain strainers, collector or connection set, etc.).

Diagnosis and maintenance of cathodic protection systems

Diagnosis of any cathodic protection system with analysis and checks of equipment, electrical connections and operating parameters.

A full report is drawn up at the end of the intervention.

Maintenance of the ozone generator

Annual preventive maintenance of all ozone production systems.

Proposal for comprehensive maintenance of the entire installation, including:

  • The ozone generator (air dryer, production module).
  • The water ozone level measuring system (measurement probe, membranes, measurement meter).
  • The air ozone level measuring system (ozone detector, technical room).
  • The ozone destructor (charcoal, ozone eliminator device).
  • The module for injecting ozonised air into the water (booster, flow valve, hydro-injector).
  • Supply of spare parts from the original manufacturer.
  • Drafting of a preventive maintenance report for the installation.